Saturday 15 April, 2017

Lines Across Oceans

Lines Across Oceans is a collection of love poems written in collaboration with American poet and writer, D. Russel Micnhimer. Russel has been writing poetry for over forty five years and has been conferred with Poet Laureate for his book, Notes To Be Left With Gatekeeper. Along with free verse, various Japanese poetic forms have been used to create classic pieces of poetry included in this book. Writing Lines Across Oceans has been an extremely enriching experience as I, for the first time, learnt the discipline needed to write form poetry. 

Doppelganger in my House

Published by The Poetry Society of India, Doppelganger In My House is a collection of poems written by Nalini Priyadarshni over several years. It is roughly divided in 5 sections that starts with a four line poem. There are love poems rubbing shoulders with food poems and funny, irreverent poems jostling with existential and political poems. Check out  Doppelganger In My House  

Thursday 17 December, 2015

52LOVES Now in Paperback

 Finally 52 LOVES, is now available on amazon as paperback along with Kindle edition. It is one of my favorite projects that I am quite proud to be part of. Edited and compiled by Yolanda Christian, this book is a collaborative effort of 29 poets and writers from world over. All stories and poems deal with a different facet of love which makes it quite different from other love stories collections.

No matter which country or what genre, we're united in our creativity and write to you about love.

We're from Australia, Bermuda, China, France, Germany, Guyana, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Spain, the UK, the USA and Zimbabwe.

You can buy 52LOVES by clicking on the link below.